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Why a Tech2 wiki?[edit]

The goal of this wiki is to provide documentation based on real life experience with the device. This means that every action should be easily reproducible using the hardware and software as documented. The aim is to have an audience ranging from beginner (n00b), subject matter expert (pro) to all-round specialist (genius). We welcome everyone whom has experience and possibly own a Tech2 to help us to document the Tech2 functions and features.

So please join the Tech2 crew, also our Facebook group - SAAB Tech2 Owners' club, and get started on documenting your knowledge.


What is a Tech2 device?

Tech2 hardware overview

Which .BIN files are available for Tech2

How to write a Tech2 .BIN to the PCMCIA card

How to switch between PCMCIA cards while using the Tech2

How to install the TIS 2000 software on Windows

How to connect a Tech2 device to a computer

How to connect a Tech2 device to a car

How to work with a Tech2 device

How to test your Tech2 device

What to do when you have a broken Tech2 device

Replacing RJ45 by mini USB connector (JohnJocke's USB Modification)

"No Communications with vehicle" may be a bad VCI

Recognizing a Tech 2 Device in Windows XP

Tech2 technical procedures[edit]

How to marry an undivorced radio

Adding a key

Correcting the speedometer

Enabling/ Disabling DRL (Daytime Running Lights) on NG9-3

Tech2 Locator[edit]

Where can i find the nearest Tech2 help

Things to read[edit]

Home work: What to read about a Tech2 device